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The US Army is conducting environmental studies and clean-up action at Army installations nationwide under the Installation Restoration Program. The IAAAP is currently conducting an installation-wide remedial investigation to collect new data. IAAAP has established a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to keep the public informed and involved in its clean-up activities as well as to provide opportunities for public involvement in its environmental restoration program.

The RAB will enable the local community and representatives of Government Agencies to meet and exchange information about IAAAP’s environmental clean-up program. It will also provide an opportunity to review progress and participate in dialogue with the decision makers.

RAB members are provided a wide range of technical data regarding clean-up actions as well as independent technical assistance in interpreting the data, if necessary. RAB members are encouraged to provide input when choosing between different clean-up technologies and they also make recommendations regarding annual project and funding priorities.

Current RAB community members are from all walks of life from teachers to retirees from business owners to conservationists. The common desire among all these individuals is to provide a cleaner environment for us all. The RAB meetings are currently held each quarter at the West Burlington City Hall. If you are interested in volunteering as a RAB member, please complete the RAB Application.

IAAAP Restoration Advisory Board Mission Statement

The RAB enables the local community and representatives of Government agencies to meet and exchange information about the IAAAP’s environmental clean-up program.  These participants then have an opportunity to review progress, participate in dialogue, address concerns, and provide recommendations to the Commander of the IAAAP. Please see the IAAAP RAB Operating Policy.

Member Directory
Meet the members of the Restoration Advisory Board:

LTC John D. Dunlapp
Wes March This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PXL_20220128_143930106.PORTRAIT-768x1024.jpg Hans Trousil
Jen Busard
Installation Co-Chair
Wesley March,
EPA Representative
Shelly Nellesen
IDNR Representative
Hans Trousil
Civilian Co-Chair
Mark Hagerla Robert Haines Vaughn Moore na  
Mark Hagerla
Community Member
Robert Haines
Community Member
Vaughn Moore
Community Member
Julie Solinski
Community Member
Dean Vickstrom Bruce Workman    
Dean Vickstrom
Community Member
Bruce Workman
Community Member
Community Member
Community Member

RAB Meeting Agendas

You can view and download meeting agendas by the year. Also, find future meeting dates. Click on the year, then the day of the meeting to download the PDF file. RAB Meeting Minutes are part of the Administrative Record.

RAB Newsletter

Update: The Restoration Newsletter is currently not being produced. You can view and download IAAAP’s Restoration Newsletter – Restoration News.  This newsletter is emailed to the RAB members and community each quarter. Copies are also available at the quarterly RAB meetings.

If you can not attend a RAB meeting, you can still be kept informed. Simply contact us to be added to our email list for the RAB Newsletter. Send us your email address and you can receive the RAB newsletter each quarter.